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1. Medieval Studies Program, Rice University Popular

Welcome to the website for Rice University’s Medieval Studies Program. Undergraduates who choose the Medieval Studies major can put together an interdisciplinary course of study from a broad range of available course offerings. The program is designed to allow students to obtain an overview of vital aspects of medieval learning, arts, languages, and cultures, while also specializing in a traditional discipline or area.

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2. Medieval Studies Program - Georgetown College - Georgetown University Popular

Welcome to the Medieval Studies Program, located at the heart of Georgetown's historic hilltop campus. Our impressive range of course offerings and ready access to faculty make Medieval Studies a rich experience for our community of students. Off-campus, Washington's Library of Congress, The National Gallery of Art, and The Folger Shakespeare Library, offer a wealth of teaching, research, and internship opportunities, while The Walters Art Museum, The Pierpont Morgan Library, The Cloisters, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are within easy reach. The renowned Medieval Club welcomes all students interested in matters medieval. Its vibrant membership hosts social events throughout the year, culminating in its annual Medieval Day and authentic Medieval Banquet.

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3. Cornucopia - Medieval Studies at Cornell Popular

Cornucopia: the website for the Program in Studies at Cornell University, with information for applicants and current students.

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4. Department of English at the University of Virginia Popular

The Medieval and Renaissance area program is intended for English majors intrigued by the cultural forms of the past and the varied perspectives they offer on cultural forms of the present. Participants in the program will be encouraged not only to pursue their own interests in English (and European) literature from the centuries between the writing of Beowulf and the publication of Paradise Lost, but also to delve into the social, historical, and intellectual contexts of the literature of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

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5. Graduate Certificate Program - Medieval Studies at Rutgers Popular

Students with a special interest in medieval studies may pursue, in the course of their regular program of studies toward an advanced degree, a special concentration in medieval studies. Those who fulfill the requirements may be awarded the certificate in Medieval Studies upon completion of their degrees

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6. Graduate Program - Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame Popular

The Medieval Institute prepares its graduates with the professional profile they need for eventual departmental employment while giving them the benefit of interdisciplinary methods, knowledge, and perspectives that traditional departmental programs do not provide. Generous fellowship support and minimal service demands permit students to pursue their studies attentively. Students have study carrels in the Institute as well as day-and-night access to its reading rooms.

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7. Graduate Programs | Medieval Studies Program Popular

Medieval studies at Yale university.

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8. Medieval History Graduate Program : Saint Louis University : SLU Popular

Medieval History Graduate School name

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9. Medieval History: Graduate Programs: Department of History: Indiana University Popular

Indiana University has a great deal to offer students interested in medieval history

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10. Medieval Studies - Programs Popular

The Program in Medieval Studies offers a Certificate in Medieval Studies for A.B. students, and sponsors several colloquia, seminars, and a conference for graduate students. Application for graduate study must be made through individual departments, not through the Program.

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